CUTS is a new-generation, innovative, safe and versatile cuttings containment, transport and storage system. Where the CUTS Blower acts as the prime mover
of the WBM/SBM/OBM drill cuttings for the containment and bulk transport of drill cuttings.

The CUTS Blower, respectively the entire system, is scalable and can be designed and manufactured to client requirements and project specifications.


Gravity feeds WBM/SBM/OBM drill cuttings into the CUTS Blower via a feed chute/auger assisted by air and vibration. Once the unit has been filled with material, the inlet valve is closed. Once closed, the vessel is pressurized and compressed air activates the material in the vessel and discharges it in a batch (approx. 80liter). The CUTS unit can also be operated through an adjustable timer, where cycle times can be varied/adjusted according to cuttings generation (ROP – rate of penetration and related section diameter) and type.

Through a unique network in Norway and also international Techno Solutions can provide and design solutions for several different rig operations Our technology offering is not limited to cuttings handling but covers a large range of special designed equipment end technology. You can always get what you want from Techno Solutions.

  • Techno Solutions deliver special made cuttings transport solutions in accordance to clients specifications.
  • We want to supply a cost effective cuttings transport system to the drilling companies so they can be more efficient and make them more resilient and competitive globally.
  • Techno Solutions have provided 4ea. CUTS Cuttings Transport Systems to the new Cat D rigs for Songs / Transocean.