Commercial models. The CUTS System can be offered commercially as a rental, lease/purchase or purchase item(s).

Scalability. The CUTS Blower is scalable in size (LxWxH) and processing rate (MT/hr) and can be designed/manufactured to fit customer/project requirements or to adapt to (rig) space restrictions.

Environmentally sound design. Drill cuttings are contained into a closed system and isolated from personnel contact, then being discharged by compressed air, no requirement for electricity.

Flexibility. The CUTS Blower can be used to convey cuttings in a variety of applications, including filling Energized Cuttings Tanks and/or skips, feeding cuttings re-injection installations and cuttings dryers.

Ease of installation & use. The CUTS Blower runs automatically on a pneumatic timer that opens/closes valves, starts/stops air hammers in set sequences – fill and empty phases. The A CUTS Blower is a “plug & play” device, requiring only sufficient air supply and to be operated through a control box/panel mounted on the CUTS Blower frame.


  • Scalability – can be designed & fabricated to fit customer/project specifications.
  • Compact design – saving valuable rig-floor space.
  • CUTS Blower moves a maximum amount of material with a minimum of equipment.
  • Closed system minimizes worker exposure to drilling fluids, moving parts and reduces slippery areas.
  • The CUTS Blower can be operated in Zone I hazardous environments with no modifications, providing maximum safety in an economical package.
  • Minimizes/eliminates personnel exposure to contaminated drill cuttings due to its closed system operation.


The CUTS Blower is the first component of the CUTS System, receiving cuttings from shale shakers’ ditch/trough and conveying them to Energized Cuttings Tanks, skips or other destinations (onshore/offshore). A typical configuration includes one CUTS Blower, but either a second CUTS Blower in parallel or the CUTS Dual Blower model maybe required, where extremely high rates of WBM/SBM/OBM drill cuttings are anticipated. Rig surveys for installation and operational optimization purposes are essential, and ideally the
CUTS Blower is positioned/installed right underneath the shale shaker ditch/trough, alternatively augers might be used to feed the CUTS Blower. The blower is pneumatically operated.