VertiDrive M2 Handy   “The  little brother”   Closed hydro blasting for smaller vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces.  The machine adheres to the wall by a magnetic drive assembly and can be easily maneuvered by its pneumatic drive system. On the handle the controls are easily accessible. Forward, backward, speed and pressure ON/OFF can be controlled with the same control handle. All water and paint will be collected by your vacuum system or with our (optional) vacuum and separation system. The operator does not have to deal with the reaction force or thrust from the ultra-high pressure as the magnetic drive absorbs it entirely.  The blast has a self-rotating nozzle bar with 8 nozzles that is mounted in front of the drive wheel.  Rated for a maximum pressure of 3000 bar @ 30 l/min – 43.000 psi @ 8 gal/ min it ensures a clean surface and high production rates.  A unique safety feature ensures the connected UHP pump can only be switched on when the Handy is securely adhered to the metal surface. In the unlikely event the M2 loses contact with the surface, the pump automatically shuts off. 

VertiDrive M3  Your multi-purpose convertible solution for washing, hydro- and abrasive blasting with an impressive production rate.  The robot adheres to the surface with multiple powerful permanent magnets, allowing operations on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. The remotely controlled system Results in more comfort for the operator, higher production rates and better quality. In fact, the M3 is eight times faster as a person!     The lightweight and divisible construction is very intuitive and reduces the buildup and change-over time to approx. ten minutes. This divisible construction allows you to have 2 robots in 1 and use it for a variety of duties such as (ultra) high pressure cleaning or abrasive-blasting.   Different applications like (U)HP and abrasive can be mounted on this versatile robot. Quality and speed are ensured, as well as operator comfort and safety. 

VertiDrive M4 Your convertible, environmentally friendly solution with high production rates. Closed hydro blasting in all directions.  All water and paint will be collected by your vacuum system or with our (optional) vacuum and separation system. Inside the blast can, a self-rotating nozzle bar with up to sixteen nozzles ensures a clean, fast and consistent result.  The M4 is equipped with a self-rotating titanium rotor head with sixteen nozzles. The robot cleans surfaces seven times faster as a single person and ensures operator safety, comfort and quality.  The contaminated water stays in the system and is stored so it can be processed in a proper way.  This closed system results in less to none contamination of the area and less impact on the environment.  

VertiDrive M7 The all-rounder with multi-directional swing arm.   Smaller footprint for smaller radius with an incredible high production rate.  This Robot is designed to easily traverse horizontal, vertical and overhead steel surfaces. The system is suitable for (U)HP hydro blasting, abrasive blasting, camera inspections, NDT, induction and many other applications and does this ten times faster as a person.   It is remotely controlled by just one operator, and adheres to the surface with multiple powerful permanent magnets. Because of its smaller footprint it easily passes curves without losing its grip.   Equip this robot with one of many standard applications or use your own custom engineered one and switch it in minutes. The short and narrow wheelbase of the VertiDrive M7 makes it extremely agile, compact and versatile.  

VertiDrive M8 VertiDrive most autonomous solution.   Made to eliminate the challenges in cleaning cargo holds.   A creation to easily clean cargo holds of dry and liquid bulk carriers when changing cargo. The M8 crawler reduces cleaning time, increases safety, reduces risk and allows you to clean in transit.   This solution is packed with the latest VertiDrive innovations, yet designed and tested to operate in the most demanding environments. The controls are designed to be intuitive for operation by a crew not necessarily experienced to work with (semi-) automated equipment.  As the world’s leading manufacturer of magnetic robotic crawlers for heavy duty applications, we have put our years of experience into the development of the VertiDrive M8 Cargo Hold Cleaner, which we can honestly say is our most advanced model today.  

VertiDrive transport and Winch system

The perfect solution to store your VertiDrive robotics easily and high-quality safety system to prevent equipment damage and falling down to the ground in unexpected situations.     VertiDrive Transport and Winch system is remotely controlled and compatible for M3, M4, M7 Robotic solutions, M3 and M4 conversion kit. The transport and Winch systems are equipped with several additional tools to wind the cables, hoses and facilitate storing your dedicated applications.

Vacuum separation system

Special design to be used in combination with the VertiDrive M2 & M4 robots or in places where heavy duty waste collection solutions are required.  High velocity airflow and vacuum ensures transportation of material over long distances. Lightweight, durable, wear & chemical resistant hoses. Designed and constructed to operate in the toughest possible, and widest scope of work spheres.   ECO friendly, leading technology for collecting rust, paint or other residues. We care for our environment!