About our company, Techno Solutions AS (TS) can supply the following products and services:

TS CUTS Blower «Cuttings Transport System» (Cuttings Redundancy System)

CUTS is an HSE product as it is a closed system. You will find all relevant info on our website. We have previously delivered 4 pcs. CUTS Blower for the four CAT-D rigs

VertiDrive, established in 2008, is an innovative company that designs safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective robotic solutions. Our client base extends across many industries, such as shipping, green/wind energy, the onshore and offshore industry and the petrochemical industry. Our mission is to deliver excellent engineering solutions and exceed our clients’ expectations through the application of sound engineering principles. We strive for client satisfaction by designing user-friendly and low-maintenance machines and by ensuring fast on-site support.
New Atex zone 2 versions of the Vertidrive M3 & M4
The use of our robots must always be safe, even in a dangerous environment with a possibility for an explosive atmosphere. For this special demand, we have developed the Certified ATEX zone 2 version fully compliant and ready to go!


Techno Solutions in cooperation with Vertidrive are responsible for sales in the Scandinavian marked.

Materix “Managing pipe wear problems” This is patented ceramic pipe technology that reduces costs and gives a long life to conventional solutions.

Materix Is a Norwegian company that has patented a solution for ceramic durable pipe fittings / pipes. A unique product that has an extremely long life and is a cost-saving product vs. traditional steel pipes

CCUs (Cargo Carrying Units) DNV 2.7-1 Offshore containers / load carriers. TS have 14 years experience from one of the world’s largest offshore container companies and has a good knowledge of the CCU market and TS can provide marked prices for rent and sale, of offshore containers, baskets, mud skips and offshore workspace units. Please contact us if and when a need arises for DNV 2.7-1 Offshore CCUs.

Customer-specific solutions; TS works in close cooperation with some local technology companies in the Jær region. We can also produce products and solutions, both nationally and internationally.